Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

Mi Familia ;D

berdasarkan request wawa. Excuse my messiness.
Gue udah ngudek2 lemari dan laci2 rahasia level-SMP tapi ga ketemu. jadi gue deskripsiin aja, selanjutnya terserah wawa yaaa~

so Me and Kazu have 2 big bros and a lil' sissy :)
1. Kazeyugi. anak pertama. tipikal kakak perfeksionis, protektif, bijak, kalem, tapi charming =,=
phisically: rambut coklat tua, well built (kaya anak gym tapi ga gede2 amat lengannye ye), tall, pale face, handsome (duh), rambut mirip kazuki tapi lebih panjang dikiiiit. aaaah! kaya kakaknya Usui~ hahaha
2. Shozuu. tentunya anak ke dua. kocak, kelakuan seringnya tidak dewasa, suka ga nyambung, clumsy, adventurous, sebenernya sensitif dan perhatian tapi salah tingkah.
phisically: cungkring tapi berotot, ga setinggi Kazeyugi, rada2 sunburnt, rambut gondrong segala arah tapi ga sampe pundak juga sih, fashion mengarah ke hipster.
3. Ichime. lo yang tau kan waaaa? ;D
4. Glay. lo mau sepupunya ken yang ini juga? hahaha. rambut kaya ken tapi lebih chubby. suka ga nyambung, sebenernya IQnya tinggi tapi ya kelakuannya...... sekian.

Something About a Traditional Art Hobbyist

If we think it through, at a time, there are various possibilities to trigger a person to like something, or someone. This fondness mostly reached -in other words, can be termed 'fondness'- when there are too much reasons to be contained for one particular object (perhaps a certain object popped on your mind the first time you read 'like' on the first line). Get where this is led?

It took some times, but that reasons I mention has grown pretty high on me over a user whose status is as ordinary as mine, 'Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art', yet he produces such... such undeniably terrific artworks. I couldn't even find a suitable word to depict his. Yes, I've seen that kind of high-level jaw-dropping-awesomeness many times before, but visual artworks are like languages. Understood by heart, decoded by hands and eyes, so our mouth is mostly doing some unrelated activities at the time.
But somehow, not all artworks can be understood by someone. Only the ones we really like, visually and emotionally.

This guy, not only serves beautiful drawings, he shows good attitudes in a soothing manner. His language tells people a sneak peek of how beautiful the world is in his eyes. Left me in curiosity on how could he 'describe' life on a paper with such detailed depiction as if nothing is left unobserved, inviting us to feel what he feels. He's barely older than me, he still has that youth expressiveness and some bad boy thing here and there, yet his talent is wholly polished followed by his humble attitudes and calming flow. He'd showed me a truly polished, uniquely exquisite character I've never seen before. Yes, I'm a fond of him.

Plus, don't even think of me showing his work here, his profile, or even his face, na uh.
Sadly, although biologically my body and his has similar time base -so ironic-, he's miles, miles away. Even if in between millions of impossibilities he had this blog on his screen -with him thankfully had an urge to read it- he might think that my English is too ridiculous to be understood. Perhaps followed by shaking his head a little, grinning, cursing and clicking that red button on the top corner.

quote of the day: Yajo, Ich liebe autos. #kaya #pernah #denger