Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

EDWARD MAYA presents Violet Light - LOVE STORY (Tribute to Mexico)

I run out of ideas on how to show my appreciation to this work of modern art, how to express my fondness to every effort dedicated to this video, to Mexico. Even though I obviously am not a mexican, nothing really prohibits me to bring this up, right? ;)

So first, let's focus on the song. Edward Maya is forever my favorite DJ, his Romanian house music genre really answered my cry-baby ears begging for unique and long lasting beat trough out my days.His songs have pampered me everyday, guess I will never be sick of This Is My Life, Stereo Love, and Desert Rain, all featuring Vika Jigulina who is one of the hottest female DJ out there, I love her too ;) But she isn't featured in Love Story, tough.

The Video Clip "Estrellas del Bicentenario" is just, THE THING, you know what i mean. This is a short story about it, quoted from mexican model blog.
Honoring Mexico's bicentennial anniversary of independence, Televisa has produced promotional videos, displaying some of the diverse natural landscapes, wildlife and indigenous peoples of certain states. They also feature Mexican models Alejandra Infante, Edsa Ramirez and Fernanda Vizzuet.

Alejandra Infante

Edsa Ramirez

Fernanda Vizzuet

So...... that's my emotion thrown out ;p I really want to express my addiction to this work haha. Please do understand that I write this only because I'm a fan. Really sorry for messy english, it's not my mother tongue, on some ways I'm proud to be Indonesian :D

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