Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

A Water Drop

I remember a little, the moment we fell off in a pretty much low temperature
we were separated but I guess sooner we got together again
although not in similar line ups
I heard that place was called mountain
at first I thought it was so festive there
but they are all nice and friendly
from fresh green to hard brown fellas

Day by day I just followed anywhere the guys moves
I heard it was called from upper course - where we first landed - to downstream
I felt everything is getting hotter
no need to worry, nothing will be wrong with us if we get a little warm

many more fellas met along the journey
now I know pretty much what will happen to me and my friends
and what are we to other fellas
do you know? I'm happy that we're actually beneficial

but, as the fluffy guy in the sky said,
not every drop needed to make rainbows
voices in the bushes whispered that not all of us can do our duty without deceit
in many case, we ended up in different places and  forms

flow, flow, flow
that's how we move
faster and faster we change directions
That moment, I just realized we've changed color!

I think I've separated with so many of my friends when the rest of us finally made it to...
the sea. Yeah, that's what fellas near the rice field told me
I didn't know, whether we were back as clean as once we fell or not
But everything sure felt fresher

Sir coconut who I met that time told me he's been in the sea for years,
round and round he's moved with guys like us
and gradually he came back to where he fell for the first time
he said it felt bitter sweet, but with a lot of stories to tell

I knew then what kind of drop I wanted to be, where I wanted to be
Fluffy guy sure is really humble, and I wished to see him
but please I wanted to flow a little bit longer
I wanted to have more stories to tell than the other drops
please let me flow just a bit further

I've been on my dream journey, flowing from coast to coast
it was dark, mister shiny yellow is not up there
that roundy guy, moon, is not mean so I guess I'll be okay
moments before, I met a drop just similar to me

That drop told me than roundy guy will pull us a bit high, closer to him
all the drops likes it, but to me it didn't sound really good
I want to go far, not pulled high
That's why I'm telling this story

Doesn't it hurt, when you want to achieve something
but you have to do something else which is out of the plan?
When you want to cross your own boundary but you need to go where everybody goes?
When you want to be as awesome as you dreamt of, but there is something else which looks beautiful and you don't know whether to aim both or choose only one?

In the end, a drop is a drop and it should value itself
When you can't look forward then look to the sides, see through what you've left behind
If we reminisce every beautiful moment we've been in before we go to sleep,
then we won't have time to sleep at all, or either fell asleep before done listing them.

wait, do we even sleep?
ah well, we all do everything we do just to be happy right?

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