Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Hitting Holiday

It's not even been a month since my holiday started, but things have been coming so rapidly overwhelming, in a good way. I'll just show you some points I'd love to share.

1. I finally have something to concentrate and build passion on, Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering!

when your score flopped while you're waiting for a further major allocation and your epic smart friend is registering the same major as yours, yes, you should be freaking worried. But I wasn't that concern to be honest, hehe. I believed in my three solid unchanged choices, and just a bit worried at the end, freaking crazy when the announcement appeared. I cheered like when Rooney scored the bicycle goal. I fell like real grown ups now, studying certain field of speciality :P Before the announcement I was lke, 'I really pull myself away from Material engineering, there's no way I'll be glad there, but there's no way I'll be saved to mechanical engineering which I chose as the first alternative with this poor final score '.  I'm sooooo happy! I promise I'll study like a devoted aeronautics super swagger with a sparkle of cavalier! haha you know you need to be arrogant sometimes to keep yourself in good quality.

2. A view weeks robbed for intensive futsal and matches really pushed my blood to race every time I woke up (so early, wicked). 

To me, futsal is wicked, and without defining any reasons first I chose it as my favorite sport. Maybe because it's a mental game, full of blood rushing excitement, requiring clever tactics, pushing your agility, suing your physical ability, and fooling your emotional instability. Gaining two wins after more than a year was like shaking of evil curses, my blunder which brought the team mentally down at the first match was a high five-on the face-with a chair moment to me, gladly it showed me my room of improvement. The last defeat proved me (and the team, perhaps) that we have improved, but not well enough to be proud of. 

That Monday when I arrived back home, I felt a bit lonely in an awkward way. Knowing that twelve individually weird girls (that have been together for days, sleeping stacked in a studio, snuggling in a car all day, watched the Euro like crazy and woke up late for training the next day, borrowing each other clothes and stuffs, fooling around unconditionally, some stalking and gossip madness I always avoid =,= with some emotional team moments that strengthened us in the end) has finally get back to their own homes answering their family calls, knowing that we'll be kept together again soon for the next cup. lol 

3. Two years ago, I thought I'd never met my favorite goalkeeper. 

I learned a lesson. As long as your wish is positive, never lose it. Patience and rational thinking will lead you to it, or when it can't be reached, it will save you from breaking. Somehow it also proved my motto; 'I always get what I want. I don't know when and how, but when It's granted I'll be thankful.'
Thank you Papa & Mama for letting me go and buying me & sissy the tickets, thank you Munial Sports Group for organizing such memorable event, and thank you Edwin Van der Sar for coming and signing my gloves and jersey. He is my favorite football legend. I didn't know that tears of joy do exist until last Saturday.

4. My favorite Summer Hit is on iTunes, the video clip has been released on iTunes, Vevo, and MTV.

Fine, I admit that I've always had this boyband magnetic feeling since I was nine when my classmate introduced me to Westlife, moving on to Backstreet Boys and Blue. That madness has been long burried by rock musics and RnBs, before Midnight Red awakened it like a zombie. So the above video is 'Hell Yeah', their first music video. They first followed me (@ItsMidnightRed) since I tweeted something about BSB, I pretty much 'investigate' one member that caught my eyes, Anthony Ladao, a talented dancer taught by Bryan  Tanaka since he was young. I believe every dancer emits different emotions through their routines and although he's not the best dancer out there, I like his moves the most. 

So you guys should take a moment and enjoy the music. Spread the word of this new hit maker because I believe they deserve lotsov, lotsov attention (too much NigaHiga).

5. It's Sissy's 13th birthday!

Shooo! go greet her on twitter or facebook! She deserves to be swaggie :D

quote of the day: I like what I like because I consider it to be like-worthy, not because somebody that I like likes it. (LikeCeption)

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