Minggu, 29 Juli 2012


There is, trust me.
[not! because I'm an (future) engineer *ohYou]

let's just send these points public, shall I? I really need to kind of 'declare' them somehow, it's fine if you don't continue reading. This will be one of those cheap bedtime stories I create to bore friends and force them to say, 'yes, yes....'.

okay first, I don't really fancy thick fantasy poetic novels, but just so you guys know Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa - which is actually based on historical events - is just the best novel eveeeer ever ever to me. Its calming flow of story and confusing yet constructive descriptions successfully hypnotized me as if I can see the land told in the story only by peeking the book, feeling their bravery penetrates into my blood vessels, coyly blushed at certain implicit affections tucked between the war. I'd prefer its English translation to Bahasa, it feels different, but It'd be terribly hard to find them these days. Maybe if you read the first novel in Bahasa you will be fine continuing in Bahasa.

Eiji Yoshikawa writes like he's informing the readers. Like a humble, delicate uncle telling a story to his oh so excited and curious little nephew, but at the same time assuming that we are capable enough to understand complicated situations and his poetic yet high five - on the face - with a chair words of wisdom. He always depict the adventure as widely challenging as it can be, inviting the reader to really feel the spirit and dreaming to be there too (not the war, but of course).

I just started rading his novel called 'Shin Suikoden', I'm totally excited but it's still a view first pages so I could still control my will and paused. My logic is still aware of humanity that it reminded me I got so much stuff to be done first.

My second point will be, maybe it's just, a good writer tells stories like giving information patiently. Not stating opinions as if shooting riffle at some watermelon target and like, 'here is what I think, you're here reading it so you should agree with it and shut up,' and when you try to give your opinion, 'oh yeah I didn't hear you, you should hear my opinion again.'

I really want to sing that one forbidden word with so much passion... ph--k. haha #RihannaNavi! wait, this is going so apathetic, sorry.

I almost fully aware that my writing sucks, almost, but I hope I'm not that kind of writer I just mentioned. And if I actually am, please remind me :)

What a controversial opinions here, I'd better go and hide.

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